Opening of the Ceramics Biennial “The vase” 2017

  • December 15, 2017
  • Biennale, ceramic, exhibit, mural

We are glad to welcome one more year the Ceramics Biennial "The vase" 2017, which opened today at 10:00 am at Centro Hispanoamericano de la Cultura in Havana. Visitors to the exhibition can appraise Santacana's mural "Yearning for a Spring that doesn’t Arrive", made from glazed ceramic tiles, rusted metal and recovered wood. The award winners were announced in the inaugural act, among them the Special Prize to Sequía by Jorge Ferrero, the Alfredo Sosabravo Prize to Vasija zoomorfa by Carlos Alberto Rodríguez and the Nouvelle Prize to Fusión by Eduardo Feria Mazón.

This a national event organized by the Museum of Cuban Contemporary Ceramics, National Counsel for Fine Arts and the City of Havana Historian's Office and it reunites the best of Cuban ceramics art. The categories under contest are: vase, a set of vases, installation and tiles panel.