Forthcoming exhibition in Key West

  • June 11, 2020
  • art, exhibit, gallery

Exhibiting soon in Key West, Florida, at Duval Square: "From Havana to Key West comes the wonderful artworks by the talented Beatriz Sala Santacana".

Curator Alaen Ledesma, expert in contemporary Cuban art, introduces an upcoming exhibition of Santacana's artworks on Key West. He proposes to visitors a selection of sculptures, paintings and murals, exploring the wide range of the artist prefered mediums.

"As Beatriz proceeds in her quest, she conceives work that is sculptural in nature, but the ceramic pieces she creates in different formats are not enough and she looks for the gesture, the expression of the ideas. She then makes use of other materials and resources, using them symbolically until she stirs up a dialogue that brings up a diversity of relationships. Her body of work reveals a kaleidoscope of tales in which tubes, wires, metals corroded by time, screws, scraps, old pieces of wood, all work together to show the progress of man through a series of intelligently assembled compositions. Now available in Key West Florida | Studio Fine Cuban Art to Collect."

Details coming soon.

To inquire about available work kindly email or call at: / +1 305 8498 515