Unique ceramic tile murals on display at Wescover

  • May 15, 2020
  • ceramic, mural, online sale

Beatriz Santacana's hand-painted ceramic tile murals are available for sale online on the Wescover platform.

Each unique piece, designed according to its owner's particular requirements, whether in private residences or public spaces, has the artist's distinctive style.

Now, you can access a selection of her murals as seen on their real locations, thanks to Wescover platform. There each work is linked to its location and the images let you imagine how they would look in real spaces, where murals take on a new life.

Santacana decorative tile murals are available on commission in large, medium and small formats.

Wescover lets you explore art and design in unique places, and discover their unique creators. It has the most comprehensive catalog of mapped objects with more than 50,000 images of original art and design. Through their community of 6,000 local brands and independent artists, it connects the people, places, and stories behind art and design objects that impact our everyday lives.

Download here the mural catalogue for a wider selection of styles and a commission price estimate.