“Beyond feminisms, they make art”, exhibition at Cairostudio gallery

  • March 6, 2020
  • art, exhibit, sculpture

Next Sunday, to celebrate International Women's Day, the exhibition “Beyond feminisms, they make art”, will open at Cairostudio gallery. The exhibition proposes to transcend the definition of “women aesthetics” understood as a system of thought that assumes the condition of woman as natural and not as a symbolic-discursive category, formed and deformed by the systems of cultural and social representation.

With the curatorship of Lisset Alonso Compte, the selection includes artists Ana Gabriela Valdés, Beatriz S. Santacana, Eva González, Janette Brossard, Lianet Martínez, Lidzie Alvisa, Liudmila López, Lucía Zalbidea, Yamilis Brito and Yasbel Pérez. They make incursions into photography, installation, performance and painting, among other techniques within the visual arts.

The exhibition manages to establish a dialogue between Cuban and Spanish artists residing on the island and is part of the Women's Expressivity project organized with the collaboration of the Spanish Embassy in Cuba.

Sunday, March 8, 7:00 pm

Cairostudio. Calle 24 # 255 e/ 17 y 19, El Vedado