Santacana Sculptures. Selected works

Art Book

December 2017

Selvi Ediciones. Printed by Selvi Artes Gráficas. 124 pages.

Editor: Silvana Garriga

Design: Laura Llópiz

Translator: Grisel Padrón

Photographer: Rodolfo Martínez, Johanna Puyol

Coordination: Johanna Puyol

Size: 23 x 23 cm

Local price: $ 30 USD

Worldwide price (including shipping to your door): $ 45 USD

ISBN: 978-84-946480-8-3

"In the work of Beatriz Sala Santacana, especially in her small and large sculptures, there is a sort of arithmetic of passion, an accurate calculation of risk. Her vision of the world carries a peculiar awareness of the subtle fabric of the universe: opposites are not antagonistic, but complementary, and necessary to fulfill each other; without this contradiction, they could not exist.

The iron in its terminal state, when rust covers and illuminates it. The driftwood still smelling of the sea from where it was recovered. The newly finished ceramic piece, and then, a human creation in the end, fragile and ephemeral. This is the Trinity that sustains her poetics. The aged metal, the old wood, the gleaming ceramic. The Trinity that is resolved in a difficult balance: the aged and the old upon the shoulders of the new, solids in the arms of what appears to be fragile and ephemeral. This scarcely outlined idea of what is feminine as the primary support of the world reveals one of the key elements, if not the most important one, in Beatriz’s work."

Back cover text by Ernesto Pérez Castillo, writer.